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Influencing Without Authority
Getting Things Done When You Are Not In Charge

Individuals often find that they have to influence other people beyond the boundaries of their formal authority. They need to find ways for cutting through interpersonal and departmental barriers to motivate and influence others up, down and across the organization. This presentation presents research-based, application-oriented strategies and tactics to influence without authority. Participants will learn how to “make things happen” and discover that “you are more powerful than you think.”

What’s Covered in the Course:

This 75-minute activity-driven briefing will provide participants with an opportunity to:

  • Develop an understanding of influence foundation strategies;
  • The Law of Reciprocity
  • The Power of Mutual Exchange
  • The Currency of Exchange
  • The Importance of Building Effective Relationships
  • Identify specific influence strategies to use with boss, colleagues and staff;
  • Recognize when more aggressive and less mutually rewarding strategies are needed;
  • Understand that changing organizational structures require mastering new competencies;
  • Embrace the competency of influence as a relationship-based strategy to achieve results.
Course Materials

Relevant course materials are selected for each program. These may include handouts, workbooks, assessment tools and readings.

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