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About Our Programs
  • Employ research-based training materials
  • Generate high participation interaction
  • Use experiential learning activities
  • Build upon participant’s knowledge and experience
  • Provide opportunities to master relevant competencies
  • Address cross-generational learning and performance requirements

Improving Your Interpersonal CommunicationUsing Communication Styles, Strategies and Tactics

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Improving Your Interpersonal CommunicationUsing Communication Styles, Strategies and Tactics

Course Materials
  • Relevant course materials are selected for each program. These may include handouts, workbooks, assessment tools and readings.
Available Formats
  • A variety of program formats are available to meet an organization’s specific requirements. These include two hour briefings or workshops ranging from half-day to two-days.
  • Onsite consulting is available as an option following the program.

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The Manager as Employee Learning and Development Champion
Leading and Motivating Technical Professionals
Addressing and Resolving Conflict
Beyond the Annual Performance Appraisal: The Manager as Coach
Leading and Participating in Meetings: A Shared Responsibility
Giving and Receiving Positive and Constructive Feedback
Delegation Styles, Strategies and Tactics
Building the Corporate University
Reengineering the Training Function:
Aligning Training with the Corporate Agenda
More Than Just a Trainer:
The Paradigm Shift from Trainer to Performance Consultant
Designing Competency-Based Training Programs
The President’s Cabinet Retreat: A Senior Leadership Development Opportunity
Meeting the Learning and Performance Needs of the New Workplace
The Continuing Education Professional:
Changing Competencies for Changing Times
Improving Teaching and Learning:
New Competencies for Diverse Participants

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