Dr. Donald Shandler is available to present talks and workshops related to topics in his articles and books. His many publications parallel his career in education, human resources and consulting.


The Perfect Storm: The Rise of Three In-Demand Workforce Cohorts
TD Magazine, June 2014
Association for Talent Development


and the Learning Organization


This book guides the reader to Competency-Based Learning through the stages of designing, implementing, and measuring learning and performance results. Practical examples are included from organizations who have applied Competency-Based Learning strategies.

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the Millennial
Knowledge Worker


This book helps managers and human resource professionals better understand the new Millennial worker, who seeks work/life balance and meaningful personal recognition as motivation to achieve professional and organizational goals.

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From Technical Specialist
to Supervisor


Whether you are a technical professional or a management trainer, you will find this book an invaluable, practical resource to address the unique concerns of the technician’s transition to supervision.

the Training


Any organization that wants to remain competitive in the global marketplace will want to put this book to work immediately.  Guidelines are provided to conduct a strategic training audit prior to initiating the training reengineering process.


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Publications on Training and Human Resources

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Both a Borrower and a Lender Be—Benchmarking
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Publications on Continuing Education

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Successful Marketing of Career and Professional Development
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Marketing Continuing Education Programs with Effectiveness and Integrity
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Mainstreaming Your Continuing Education Shop: The Programmatic Model
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The Myth of Credit
Continuum, Journal of National University Continuing Education Association

Advocacy, Leadership, Change: The Future Continuing Education Administrator
Continuing Higher Education

Continuing Education: The Persistent Pest

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