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Transitioning Into Technical Leadership
Helping Technical Experts Become Effective Leaders

Technical experts who receive a sudden promotion to a leadership role often have little time to plan for the transitioning process.

What’s Covered in the Course:

This application-oriented program is designed to support the participant’s transition from the role of technical professional to leader. Emphasis is placed on the process of transitioning and the development of three related competencies: communication, motivation and delegation. Through experiential learning activities, participants apply program concepts to their relevant work situations.

Who Should Attend This Program

Technical Experts Planning a Transition to Technical Leader

Proactive organizations provide pre-appointment programs to help technical professionals transition to leadership.

Technical Experts New to a Leadership Position

Those who have recently advanced to a leadership position will now need to acquire new competencies to enhance their effectiveness.

“Experienced” Technical Leaders Without Any Recent Formal Training

Technical experts who received a promotion without formal leadership training will learn relevant skills in this program.

Experienced Technical Leaders New to the Organization

Those new to the organization may want to attend the program to better understand their new culture and colleagues.

Course Materials

Relevant course materials are selected for each program. These may include handouts, workbooks, assessment tools and readings.

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